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主人犯罪被捕 狗狗主动投降

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Freeze – put your paws where we can see them! Moment Brazilian drug gang
were pounced on by police… and their loyal guard dog surrendered as


A dog belonging to a Brazilian drugs gang has proved that learning to
drop and roll is not just for humans.


When police in the southern state of Santa Catarina busted the gang’s
lair, the loyal canine laid down alongside its owner and rolled over on
its back.


The incident happened during a joint police and military operation in
the neighbourhood of Vargem Grande, in the south Brazilian state of
Santa Catarina.


Police spokesman Filippo Valdez said: ‘The officers had been observing
the gang for some time and when they arrested them they recovered a
substantial quantity of marijuana and cocaine, as well as weighing
scales, guns and ammunition.


‘There was a male dog that was barking when officers burst onto the
scene but when it saw its owners obeying the command to lie down, it ran
over and laid down as well.’“


Brazilian animal psychiatrist and dog trainer Barnie Rico said: ‘The dog
lying on its back exposing its belly is a classic sign of submission in
the dog world.


“By exposing its underbelly to any potential attacker it is showing that
it doesn’t mean any trouble. “


”The dog is also turning its head away as looking at the potential enemy
can also be seen as a sign of aggression to another dog.“


“It is clearly a very clever animal because it saw the rest of its pack
given in, and decided to copy them.“


Online users pointed out that with local police thing to simply shoot
dogs on site when carrying out armed raids, it was probably a good move
to make sure everyone realised the animal didn’t cause any trouble.


It was reportedly not arrested with the rest of the suspected gang.


For the four-legged competitors, two months of hard work-and a fair few
treats-ensured they were raring to get on the racetrack.So when the big
day rolled around, the only ones likely to get hot under the collar were
any bystanders who spotted a Mini hurtling towards them with a dog at

Two mutts made history yesterday by driving a car down a racetrack.
Ten-month-old Porter put his paws to the pedals first, steering the Mini
down the straight and then turning a

He was followed by Monty, an 18-month-old giant schnauzer cross, who
completed the same feat.As the Mail reported last week, the pair-along
with one-year-old beardie-had been taking driving lessons, which began
with them learning to steer a wooden cart pulled along on a string by

In just eight weeks, they progressed to driving a real car-a modified
Mini in which they sat on their haunches in the driver’s seat.Their
front paws were on the steering wheel, while their back paws were on
levers attached to the accelerator and the

After successfully manoeuvring the car around a lab, the leading two
were challenged to a racetrack test-drive which was broadcast live
online.They were strapped in with seatbelts and then followed commands
from their trainers, who walked in front of the

The dogs were all rescued by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals in Auckland, New Zealand. The charity came up with the idea
to train them to drive to prove how intelligent they

Animal trainer Mark Vette, who schooled the dogs, said: ‘They are great
dogs, each with their own distinct personality.You wouldn’t believe any
dog could learn to drive a car on its own but we’ve proven through our
understanding of animal psychology and our specialised training methods
that intelligent creatures can adapt to the situation they’re

‘It really is remarkable and we are so proud of the achievements of our

training team and the incredible SPCA driving dogs.’Before the racetrack
challenge, he explained that they treated the training like a ‘film
shoot’, in reference to his work in the

He added: ‘We train the dogs to do different actions, touch is the first
thing and then we teach them to touch the different objects with the
right paw and left paw. They’ve all come through at this point and
they’re all going really

The charity behind the stunt now hopes that the public will be so
impressed that they will be keen to adopt rescue

SPCA Auckland chief executive Christine Kalin said: ‘I think sometimes
people think because they’re getting an animal that’s been abandoned
that somehow it’s a second-class

‘The dogs have achieved amazing things in eight short weeks of training,
which really shows with the right environment just how much potential
all dogs from the SPCA have as family



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