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To be frank,when I frist saw the title of the movie,I thought it was
about love,more accurat somewhat,maybe something about sex.But many
persons have recommanded me on it,so I decided to watch it with BB.Now
I’m really glad that I didint miss it.

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   The leading actors are a high-school student called Chris who is
brillant,intelligent,loyal and a kind of handsome and a lieutenant who
is blind but gentle,humorous,rich and can catch women’s hearts
easily.The lieutenant is a so speacial man.Here,I dont wanna talk about
Chiris because i dont have much feeling on him even he is a good boy.I
have a shocking impression on the lieutenant.So i will only say
something about him.

图片 2双语:奇葩男子整形90次成男版芭比娃娃

   Even though he is blind,he has a sharp nose.He can recongnize waht
kind of brand of perfume women use just via a smell.He can read women’s
mind accuratly that he know excatly what they want,what they like,what
they hate.Making love is his facourite thing.Maybe it’s the only stuff
about sex,hehe!(just kidding)

32-year-old Justin Jedlica, from New York City, has so far splashed
around $100,000 on 90 cosmetic procedures, in his never-ending quest for
that perfect look。

   At frist,in my eyes,the lieutenantwas a guy who enjoy a free,easy and
luxurious life.I thought he was optimistic,even his blind.He told Chris
how to face the trouble,the ugly face people have and of course the
skill of catching girls.But with wovie goning,I found he has a frail
side originally.He isnt brave enough as I thouht he would be.I even can
feelhis sarrow when he was humiliated ny his nephew even he plays a joke
on the incident.He wants to kill himself.I know the reason.As his nephew
said,he has lost his origanal life.He must think there is no meaning to
live in this world any more.But Chris give s him encouragement to be
alive.He is a really humorous guy.When he is going to have a suicide,he
still plays a joke on Chris”Maybe I should adpot you.”


   And the speech he did on the school court was really touching,then?Of
course,he won the full house cheers except for someone without
conscience.You know? I still worry about him,I’m afraid he wanna kill
himself again.I just wanna he has a happy life.But the worry disappear
immediately,when he gets his home because I can see the sunshine from

Plastic surgery is pretty common nowadays, but some people really take
it to the extreme. Meet Justin Jedlica, whose sculpted physique would
have you thinking he’s a gym fanatic。


But in reality, his muscles are more plastic than meat, as most over his
upper body has been augmented with silicone implants. He’s had pectoral
implants, six-pack implants, triceps and biceps implants, all so he
could attain the look he desired。


It all started with his glutes. He wanted his buttocks to be perkier,
tighter, harder, so instead of working out, he decided to get some
implants, and after 13 cosmetic sessions, he got what he wanted. But
that was only the beginning of his affair with plastic surgery。


During the last 10 years, Justin Jedlica has gone through 90 different
plastic surgeries, transforming himself into a real-life Ken doll。


图片 3

Growing up, he was an overachiever and a straight-A student, but he was
always obsessed with the size of his nose. For him, it was
“astronomically huge”, so as soon as he got the chance, he decided to
change it. Five nose jobs later, Justin says his nose is close to his
ideal, but not really perfect。


He admits that, except for that first nose-job, which was “a need” the
rest have been “wants”, but he loves what he’s allowed himself to
become, and he’s not considering stopping his physical transformation
anytime soon。


But experts like Dr. Drew Ordin, a Beverly Hills plastic and
reconstructive surgeon, disagrees, saying that by turning himself into a
living, breathing silicone sculpture, Justin Jedlica is really putting
his life at risk。



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