Have you heard about “Survival (生存) Holidays”? “Survival Holidays” is
for children to go into the lonely place for exciting activities. Now
about 1,100 companies are allowed to take children into the great
outdoors without their parents。

What do children like to do in China?

The reason why people like “Survival Holidays” is that they think being
close to nature is good for children. Many children in big cities spend
all time watching TV and playing computer games. “Survival Holidays”
gives them an important change。

In my generation, children like to play together, like playing hide and
seek, playing mom and dad, which means some children pretended to be mom
and dad, some children pretended to be kids, and they cook, do housework
and talk like a real adults family. Children in my generation do no have
too many toys like children nowdays.

Is “Survival Holidays” a wonderful idea? Maybe it is. Children need more
free time to play. They need to be left on their own, without adults
disturbing (打扰) them. Parents care too much about their children. They
like to see the children being busy with activities that are controlled
by adults, but children don’t know what to do when they are in danger.
Even something like crossing a small river seems to be a hard challenge.
Children are not comfortable with danger. Even small danger like getting
their feet wet or falling down seems very terrible to them。

Now, the children have a lot of toys, like toy cars, toy planes, and
they can even remote control their toy cars and planes, and they can
play alone. They also access to the internet games, both on computers
and smartphones, especially the recent popular game called
Wangzherongyao, a lot of children and teenagers are addicted to it a

Many people think the survival activities are good for children. Even
years later, they will still remember what they have learned. Some have
learned to stay calm in different times. Some have learned how to keep
safe. Others have learned how to work in a team. All these skills will
help them a lot in their lives。

I also found that many children are interested in playing soccer, and
they spend a lot of time on practising it and they enjoy it every much.
Some chidren seems to like drawing, and they are really into it.

Answer the following questions according to the passage。

Model Eassy

  1. Is “Survival Holidays” for children or parents?

  2. Why do people like “Survival Holidays”?

  3. What do the children in big cities usually do?

  4. How do children feel when they are in danger?

  5. What can children learn in the survival activities?

As all kids, Chinese kids would spend a lot of time watching cartoon and
playing computer games nowdays. I know so many kids are very keen on the
games on iPad and they can spend the whole day on it. And my childhood
was mostly about watching cartoons. Well, but acutally I don’t think
it’s very advisable. Childhood shoulde be spent on more meaningful
things like cultivating a hobby, reading books, etc.


Moreover, kids nowdays have fun alone, which I think really negative.

(E) 81. Children./ For children. / It’s for children。


  1. Because they think being close to nature is good for children。

I should brainstorm every time on the topic and find different aspects
on the topic, for example on this one I can brainstorm like children in
big city and small city, children in countryside and city, children in
my geration and children in nowdays. I only thought of children in my
generation and children in nowdays. I only described what children like
in China, but I didn’t give my opinion on it, that is to say is that 
good or bad.

/Because they think the survival activities are good for children。

New Eassy

  1. They usually watch TV and play computer games./To watch TV and play
    computer games./Watching TV and playing computer games./What they do is
    to watch TV and play computer games./What they do is watching TV and
    playing computer games。

  2. They don’t know what to do./They feel uncomfortable (terrible)./Not

In generation, children in the city and countryside like to do different
things in China, mainly because they have different resources and
different education enviroment.

/Uncomfortable./Terrible./ They don’t feel comfortable。

Chidren in the countryside may have more time to watch TV, like reality
shows and cartoons, beacuse they don’t have so much pressure from
competition and their parents. They also like to play games together on
streets or playground, like hide and seek or other games they invented
themselves. Children in the country may will miss their childhood more
when they grow up.

  1. They can learn some survival skills. / They can learn to stay calm
    in different times, keep safe and work in team.

But children in the city may are not allowed to watch TV or have little
time to watch TV, because they have many extra-courses to take and a lot
of homework to do. Since the competion in the city is much fiercer, the
children have more pressure, they may like to play computer games and
phone games to release their pressure, and many children in the city
have their own smartphone, they also like to play with the phone, like
chatting with their friends or browse the online infromation.  It’s OK
to play computer games and play with phone sometimes or on a limited
time, but if children spend too much time on doing these things, it
would definitely affect their study and physical and mental health.



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