Dear Jack,

Unit1 Who am I

How are you? I have been in the USA for six months. I like the life
here. I have a few friends. I don’t have much homework. There are a lot
of sports at my school, but I don’t like sports at all. like the food
very much. I eat a lot of different kinds of food every day. I like
coke(可乐)very much. I don’t drink water. I drink coke instead(代替).
I’m enjoying my life here. The sad thing is that sometimes I get ill. I
don’t know why. My parents say I must go on a diet(节食)and do more
sports. Must I?

My name is Sheng Xiaoli, everyone calls me Lili.


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I’m an English teacher and I’m from Nong’an No.4 Middle School.


I like being a teacher. I love my students. They love me ,too.

  1. David has been in America for six months。

  2. David has to do much homework。

  3. There are many sports at David’s school。

  4. David likes coke better than water。

  5. David knows why he is often ill。

We play together on a snowy day.

答案:51—55 T F I T F

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We make hamburgers together.

We role an English play.

We’re happy and excited when we’re together.

These are my workmates, we’re like sisters.

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Also, I have a great English team. We work hard together. We grow up

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We care about each other. I feel proud of having them.

I have a big family.They all love me.

I like white, because it’s the color of snow.

I enjoy taking photos.

I like studying and I often go to study outside.

I think learning is a lifelong journey.

I like smiling because I’m sunny and active.

We meet here today, what do you say?

Let’s be friends.

Let’s get together.

Please introduce yourself.

Unit2 My family

I have two families——a big family and a small family.

In my big family, there are my mother, my father, my sister, my brother
and I. My father is a teacher, he is my teacher. I am his pride because
I study very well. My mother is a great woman. She is the only leader of
villages. She is the leader of Yexiaopu. My sister works in Beijing and
my brother works in Changchun. They have their small family. So I have
two nephews. They’re lovely. They can get on well with their cousin——my
son. They often get together and play happily.

I also have a small family, my husband, my son and I. My husband is a
teacher, too. He’s a humorous man who makes me laugh, He gives me a lot
of happiness. My son is Bobo, he’s sixteen years old now. He is a high
school student. He is cool and popular with his classmates. I’m proud
that he has a fashional taste.

I’m happy and rich because of having them. I’ll cherish my family for

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Unit3  Lost and found

Here are some keys and a watch. Are they yours? Please come to Student
Affairs Office on the second floor. Ask Mr. Liu for help. Or you can
call him at 13788945567.

Some students find anything and they can give it to school. So they are
good students. Thanks! Let’s learn from them.

Student Affairs Office

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Unit4    My house

I live in Kaide Garden, which is an old neighborhood. It’s a good place
to live in. Because it’s bustling and convenient. It is on Baota Street,
northern Baoan Road. Go into the gate, till the last building, my home
is in it, it’s 404.

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There is a living room and two bedrooms. One is for me, the other is for
my son. In the living room, you can see a big TV and a wooden sofa. The
sofa has twenty years’ history. There is a photo of my family on the
wall. My son’s bike is on the floor beside the wall. My bedroom is
simple. A bed is in the middle, a computer is on the table. Across the
table is my bookcase. There are so many books in it. Some credentials of
honor are on show in the bookcase. They’re my pride and power.

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West and east, home is the best. My house is simple but it’s sweet.

Unit 5 Sports with me

Speaking of sports, I feel really excited and get a lot of power.
Because I’m a person who loves sports. I like playing sports. My
favorite sport is badminton. I can play it well. I often play it with my
husband or my son. I think it’s relaxing. I don’t play volleyball, but I
like to watch the Chinese volleyball team on TV.

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I like skiing in the winter holiday. It is excited. But to be honest, I
cannot ski well.

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I also like taking walks after dinner with my family. It’s easy and fun.
Along the way, we can share a lot of things. So, it’s a good time to
talk and listen.

I enjoy joining the sports meeting. We have a sports meeting every
September in our school. At the sports meeting, we can see different
people have creative ability.

I love being outdoors.

I love the air.

I love the sunshine.

I love the grass.

I love sports.

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Unit 6 My eating habits

“If I can eat some bread and drink a cup of milk every day, it will be
my happiness.” It’s a dream of my childhood. Twenty years later, bread
and milk are common food for everyone. It’s easy and simple.

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What do I have for three meals a day? Let me tell you about my eating
habits. For breakfast, I have an egg and porridge. Sometimes I have some
bread and a cup of hot milk. I eat lunch in the school dining hall. For
dinner, I like meat and vegetables. I do not eat  too much, because I
don’t want to be fat. After dinner, I have some fruit. I never eat junk
food. It’s not clean and not healthy. I have a habit of drinking hot
water before going to bed. I never drink cold water, I’m not young any

Now, I can eat everything I want. I also eat outside or get the food by
Meituan. I’m happy that I live in such a great time. Cherish all things
that we have and thank this world.

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Unit7 Welcome to Wan Chai Barbecue

Welcome to our Wan Chai Barbecue. We have a lot of nice food. Do you
want to try them? We have curry beef meal for only 25 yuan. And we have
the desert chicken rice for only 15 yuan. Do you want to try sauce
chicken rice? It’s new and only 16 yuan. Wan Chai carbon leg rice is
only 13 yuan. It’s very nice and cheap. I believe you will enjoy them.
You can order them by weixin or Meituan.Come to Wan Chai Barbecue now!

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Unit8 Notice

Dear students,

We have some interesting and fun things for you this term. In the first
week, we have a big homework show. It’s from August 29th to 31st. On
September 30th, we have a thanksgiving report. Your parents need to come
to our school. October is a great month. On the 11th, we have an art
festival. We have Sports Day on October 30th and 31st. It is the
greatest event in our school. On November 20th, we have an English word

This is a really busy but colorful term! Have a good time!

Nong’an No 4. Middle School

August 28, 2017

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Unit9 My school life

Students have their school life. As a teacher, it’s lucky to have a
school life.

I go to work at 7:30 on school days. I have two or four classes every
day. In a week ,I have fourteen classes in total. In my English class,
we always learn English happily. We have many activities. They all love
my class. So I am a popular teacher.

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After class, I have to read my text and other books to prepare for my
class. I also check some test papers. In my free time, I like writing
something while drinking hot water.

I have lunch at school. After lunch, I can take a walk with my workmate.
Then I can sleep in my office. It’s a sweet time to rest.

At 4:30, I finish my work and go home by school bus.

I love students. I love English teaching. I like my job. I really work
hard. To be an excellent teacher is my dream.

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My school is like a big family. In this family,I feel warm and
comfortable with them. We work for the future of our children together.
It is an important part of my life. I cherish it a lot.

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