Have you found that boys seem to do well in science while girls have a
better vocabulary?If your answer 1 the question is “Yes”,you are
right.Here are some facts,according to a 2 in Modem Science。

In general,men score(得分)higher,on 3 about math,physics,chemistry
and the kind of solving skills.But women 4 better ability about
spelling, vocabulary and memory.It is 5 that bones,muscles(肌肉)and
nerves(神经)grow faster in baby girls.Usually,too,baby girls 6 at an
earlier age than boys do.Scientists think that there is a 7 reason for
that.The left side of the brain develops faster in girls than boys.And
it is just this side of the brain that runs a person‘s ability to 8
words,to spell and to remember things。

By the time the children start school,little girls have an advantage
that boys don‘t have.And the advantage is very 9 for them to study
well.So girls are always 10 than boys in class,especially in primary
school.Do you agree?

( )1.A.to B.of C.about D.for

( )2.A.job B.research C.survey D.story

( )3.A.day B.night C.time D.exams

( )4.A.show B.do C.make D.prefer

( )5.A.1ooked B.seemed C.believed D.seen

( )6.A.talk B.work C.play D.1isten

( )7.A.important B.physical C.popular D.hard

( )8.A.speak B.like C.use D.have

( )9.A.difficult B.funny C.kind D.helpful

( )10.A.more confident B.smarter C.healthier D.more lovely

参考答案:1-5 ABDAC 6-10ABCDA







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