Today young people are taking a more active part in online
activities.Although the Internet can be 1 for students to collect
information and communicate with their friends,teachers and parents are
becoming more and more 2 about the unhealthy web content(内容) 。They
think that setting up “Harm-free(无害的)Internet Bars”is an important
step to protect 3 。

It was Sunday afternoon and there were not many 4 seats in the Feiyu
Internet Bar.A few teenagers were found playing games.An
employee(雇员)was walking around 5 the Internet users‘online

“My job is to find anyone who is looking at harmful websites and then
ask them not to do so,”he said。 “This is 6 of the ‘Harm-free Internet
Bars’ project。。“Feiyu,a famous Internet Bar in Beijing,is 7 the
first nineteen to join the harm-free Internet bar club。

In order to help start a better 8 for teenagers‘ online
activities,China’s Communist Youth League has brought out the program 9
“Harm-free Internet Bars for Teens”。

Teachers and parents welcome the “Harm-free Internet Bars”,but what do
many school students 10 them?

( )1。 A。 successful B。 useful C。 hopeful D。 beautiful

( )2。 A。 pleased B。 excited C。 worried D。 surprised

( )3。 A 。schools B。 the Internet C。 people D。 teenagers

( )4。 A。 safe B。 full C。 empty D。 clean

( )5。 A。 looking B 。watching C。 seeing D 。finding

( ) 6。 A。 part B。 step C 。all D。 nothing

( )7。 A during B。 among C。 between D。 inside

( )8。 A。 future B。 website C。 environment D。 market

( )9。 A。 needed B。 founded C。 wanted D。 called

( ) 10.A 。hear of B。 talk about C。 think of D 。look after

参考答案:1-5 BADCB 6-10 ABCDC







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