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Dog parks are just the best, and usually a place of safety and security
for our beloved four-legged friends. Which is why people immediately
noticed two huskies who were abandoned at a dog park in Fresno,
California with a box of food, toys, and a note. The note introduced the
dogs as one-year-old pups Jada and Leyla. It also asked that they not be
separated since Leyla gets stressed without her sister. Heartbreaking,

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Luckily, someone called Woodside Dog Park park manager Mona Ahmen about
the abandoned pups. She went and got them immediately, but was informed
by park-goers that they had already been there for about three hours.

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“They could have jumped the fence and gotten hit by a car,” Ahmed told
The Dodo. “There is a very busy road right in front of the dog park. The
speed limit is 50, but people go 65 or more.”

Holly the cat has become an internet sensation, mystified animalexperts
[and used up an unknown number of her nine lives] bytrekking 200 miles
home after disappearing on a family road tripeight weeks earlier。

Luckily, Jada and Leyla are with a foster family right now but still
need a permanent home. Ahmed is hopeful but still understandably
saddened that the dogs were left in the first place.

Exhausted and emaciated, barely able to stand and too weak tomiaow, the
cat appeared from nowhere on New Year’s Eve in the backgarden of a
Florida family home。

Help Layla & Jada find a new home!

For six days, Barb Mazzola and her children put out food andmilk for the
nervous animal, eventually coaxing her inside theirhouse in West Palm

PLEASE SHARE: Help get this pair of adorable Huskies adopted! They were
found abandoned with a note. Now Layla & Jada need a loving family, and
come as a package deal! CALL: 559-977-0151STORY:

They fell in love with the cat, a tortoiseshell withdistinctive black,
brown and ginger patterning. But when MrsMazzola took it to the vet, she
reluctantly asked if the cat had animplanted microchip that would
identify its original owners。

Posted by FOX26 on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

She did. And it turned out her name was Holly and that herowners Jacob
and Bonnie Richter lived just a mile away。

She said, “This makes me feel angry. This is not the way you give dogs
away. All they had to do was ask for help.”

But what was truly remarkable was that they had lost Holly twomonths
earlier when she bolted out of their mobile home on a tripto Daytona
Beach – 200 miles north along Florida’s Atlanticcoast。

While this is true — this is not the way you should give your pets away
— it’s also possible that the dogs’ owners were scared to drop them off
at a shelter. According to DoSomething.org, 2.7 million dogs and cats
are put down each year across the country because of overcrowding at
shelters and rescue facilities. In California, where Leyla and Jada are
from, pet advocates are trying to change that.

How Holly, a house cat who rarely ventured outside, managed tomake it to
back to her hometown from unknown terrain so far awayhas baffled animal

Someone abandoned these two sweet huskies with a note begging for them
not to be separated

It has also turned her into an internet sensation among
felineaficionados and spawned countless theories about how sights,
soundsand smells, an inner compass or some memories of the drive
northmay have guided her homeward odyssey。

— Daily Mail Femail (@Femail) October 17, 2017

“It is a complete mystery,” said Marc Bekoff, a University ofColorado
professor who specialises in animal behaviour. “She mayhave had some
basic sense of direction and then got clues fromsights or sounds as she
got closer, but the truth is that we haveno idea how she got home.”

The state legislature recently introduced a bill that would prohibit pet
stores from selling animals, including dogs, cats, and rabbits, that
were born in a puppy mill or come from a breeder. Instead, shelters
would supply the stores with animals looking for homes.

What seems certain, judging from the state of its paws, isthat it walked
home by road and pavement, rather than somehowhitching a lift or going
cross-country. Its back feet, the onesthat cat use to propel themselves,
were swollen, rubbed and raw andthe claws were worn down to stubs。

Meanwhile, we’re crossing our fingers that Leyla and Jada find a forever
home soon.




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